b"18Accion Annual Report 2018 us.accion.org 19 2018 Financial Summary Our 2019 Board & Staff Members *BOARD MEMBERS STAFF MEMBERS RAQUEL GALLEGOSMARCO MACIASBRINN PFEIFFER Revenue & Expenses Balance Sheet Loan OperationsUnderwriting Associate Marketing and YASHODA NAIDOO ANNE HAINES Administrator Team Lead Communications ManagerSUPPORT & REVENUEUS$ASSETSUS$ Chair President/CEO ALEX MAGALLANES Cash and equivalents$9,679,802President/Owner, Annapurna's World Vegetarian Caf JILL GASSENLoan Officer, Arizona ARUN RAJ SUPPORT MARQUITA ADESIDASBA Program Manager/ UI Designer **Without donor restrictions $1,555,431Investment securities $1,090,218GREG LEVENSON Loan Officer, Texas Senior Loan Officer GABRIELA MARQUES Accounts receivable $293,334Immediate Past ChairNew Mexico MarketALFONSO RAMOS With donor restrictions $4,133,508Contributions receivable, net$494,401President/CEO, Southwest Capital Bank ANALISA DANIEL GRIEGOManager Loan Officer, New MexicoIn-kind contributions $248,508ANAYA-SMITHPortfolio Quality OfficerFederal grants receivable $951,591BETTY CARTER ARKELL Controller MONICA MCCASLINPAULA RONQUILLO TOTAL SUPPORT $5,937,447Microenterprise loans receivable, SecretaryMELISSA HARRISUnderwriting Associate Operations Administrator/ net of loan loss allowance$40,095,643Partner, Dorsey & Whitney LLP YOLANDA BAILONRecruiting Coordinator RITA MCCUSKERLoan AssistantREVENUE Derivative instrument $165,886MICHELLE COONS Portfolio Quality Officer JAQUELYNUnderwriter LYNZIE ROWLAND Loan interest and fees$5,696,465Prepaid expenses $100,441Treasurer MARISA BARRERAHERNANDEZDirector of Client Chief Strategy Officer/ Portfolio QualityJEREMY MCVEETYExperienceInvestment income, net of expenses$23,752 Property, equipment and software,Senior VP/Regional President, Washington Federal Executive Vice President Supervisor Loan Officer, NevadaOther revenue $56,186 net of accumulated depreciation$2,272,027JOE SANCHEZ EDMOND JOHNSON MICHAEL BELLES ALI HUGHESMARTIN MENDOZAPortfolio Quality OfficerNet realized/unrealized losses on investments$(95,634)Land $1,003,216President/CEO, Premier Manufacturing, Inc. Loan Officer, Colorado Assistant to the President Loan Officer, ArizonaLoss on disposal of assets $(1,339) Property held for sale $250ERNEST SANKESHWAR CLARENCE MCALLISTER GWENDOLYN BONILLA JERRY JOHN JACOBKRISTINE MICHIESoftware Engineer **TOTAL REVENUE $5,679,430CEO, Fortis Networks, Inc. Senior Loan Officer,Vice President,Vice President, Strategic TOTAL ASSETS$56,146,809Colorado Engineering ** Philanthropy andDAVID SAYERSJERRIE MERRITT Investments Loan Officer, New Mexico LIABILITIES SVP, Community Development Manager, Bank ofRACHEL BURGOYNE MYRA JORDAN TOTAL SUPPORT AND REVENUE $11,616,877Nevada Arizona Market Manager Senior Underwriter JAYAKRISHNAN MKMETTA SMITHAccounts payable$163,498Software Engineer ** Vice President of Lending Accrued payroll$265,900 WILLIAM G. RIDENOUR MICHAEL BURNSLACEY KEENEand Client ExperienceEXPENSES Other accrued liabilities$166,286Attorney of Counsel, Fennemore Craig, P.C. Chief Operating Officer Accounting Administrator/ NATALY MOJICA Program services $9,004,331HR Assistant Loan Officer, Texas KIRSTIN TOMASINI Unsecured lines of credit$6,600,000GAIL WARRIOR JESSIE CARDENASLoan Officer, TexasFundraising $502,263Unsecured notes payable$18,056,112CEO, CASPR Group Portfolio Quality Officer KRISTIN KINGMARTINSupporting services $337,361Underwriting Supervisor MONTES DE OCAYVETTE ULIBARRI Secured debt$7,330,207CARMEN CASTILLOLoan Officer, Arizona Client AmbassadorTOTAL EXPENSES $9,843,955Client Ambassador VIGNESH KUDVATeam Lead TOTAL LIABILITIES$32,582,003Software Engineer ** RONNA MONTGOMERY LUIS CEJASr. Grant Writer GRETCHEN WILLIAMS CHANGE IN NET ASSETS FROM OPERATIONS $1,772,922Client Ambassador MICHAEL LANGLEYAdvancement Assistant NET ASSETSLoan Officer, Arizona TILYIAN MORRIN Without donor restrictions ISAAC CROWLoan Officer, Colorado BRITTANY WOEDL INCREASE IN NET ASSETS FROM LLC ACTIVITY Loan Officer, New Mexico RICHARD LARADirector of Lending Gain on LLC activity $136,982 Undesignated$11,114,161Development Associate ARAVIND MURALITechnology and RiskDistributions $(120,493) LLC investments $8,187,194NATALIE DEGROOTSoftware Engineer **With donor restrictions$4,263,451 Senior Accountant GRACE LERNERLUCAS YOUNTS People and CultureGERI NAKAIProject AssistantCHANGE IN NET ASSETS FROM LLC ACTIVITY $16,489SHADY EREIFEJManager Loan OperationsOperations Administrator Administrator RAYMOND ZILER FRANCISCO LOPEZChief Financial OfficerCHANGE IN NET ASSETS $1,789,411TOTAL NET ASSETS$23,564,806RYAN FLANDERSVice President, BusinessVAN NGUYENLending Team andInnovation andData AnalystTOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS$56,146,809Partnerships ManagerPartnerships GERARDO NOVOA JINI FRANCISJESSICA LUBBELoan Officer, ArizonaSoftware Engineer ** Loan Officer, Arizona * As of April 2019** Contract team memberComplete financial statements, audited by Atkinson and Co., are available upon request through Accion.We would also like to acknowledge and thank the community of Accion interns and volunteers who have contributed their time and talent to our mission during the year."