b'2Accion Annual Report 2018 us.accion.org 3 TableDear Partners, Friends and Supporters,of Contents As I reflect on 2018 and the conclusion of my term as board chair, I am deeply grateful for Accions effectiveness at creating new pathways to prosperity for underserved entrepreneurs. These pathways come in many forms, resulting in access to capital, access to knowledge, access to peers, and most importantlyaccess to the American Dream.Herein, youll find the stories of five clients who are prospering through small business ownership. From a coffee Chairs Letter .3 roaster to a chimney sweep business, youll learn how access to character-based financing from Accion propelled these entrepreneurs onto a new path of opportunity. Its these stories that deeply inspire my work with Accion and About Us 4 I am proud to share a few metrics of our success in 2018. Our 2018 Portfolio & Impact .5 Greg Levenson Im delighted that we finished the year with very strong results, having provided 1,444 loans and disbursed $18.5 Accion EntrepreneursGenTech Support .6 2018 CHAIRMANmillion to small business owners. We launched innovative support programs connecting our clients to well-being OF THE BOARD services, legal assistance and one-on-one financial coaching. The Accion U.S. Network partnered with fellow Accion EntrepreneursRocky Mountain Chimney Sweeps & Air Ducts 8 community lender Opportunity Fund to release results from a longitudinal impact study which affirmed that our Accion EntrepreneursBest Face Forward Aesthetics10 combined clients from across the nation are both financially stable and successful, with 57% reporting increased sales and 60% seeing profits rise within the span of a few years. We forged our own path by embracing technology Accion EntrepreneursNative Realities 12 in a unique way for our industry, and are on our way to offering a best-in-class lending platform that gives Accion EntrepreneursTelesto Coffee.14 underserved entrepreneurs every advantage that traditional borrowers enjoy.Our 2018 Supporters & Investors .16 We are also incredibly grateful to the entrepreneurs, philanthropists, policy makers and community advocates who joined us for our Moonshot Design Session in Dallas and rallied to design innovative strategies to put2018 Financial Summary 18 $1 trillion into the hands of underserved entrepreneurs by 2030. We will continue to engage in and share the Our 2019 Board & Staff Members .19 message of this national Moonshot movement in 2019. In 2019, I am thrilled Accion will celebrate its 25th anniversary under the leadership of Yashoda Naidoo, a former client and incoming board chair. To our clients, contributors and stakeholders, thank you for supporting Accion and for building a lasting legacy of increased economic opportunity and pathways to prosperity for all.Abel Pea, owner ofTelesto Coffee located inDallas, Texas.Greg Levenson2018 Chairman of the Board'