b'8Accion Annual Report 2018 www.yourwebsite.com 9Accion Entrepreneurs 9 ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHIMNEY SWEEPS & AIR DUCTSCOLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADOAmos Velasquez doesnt back down from a challenge. As aHe says, Im so grateful for what Accion has done for me; I found a U.S. Marine Corps combat veteran, serving for more thangreat group of people with a willingness to take a risk. I like risk takers.four years, Amos fought bravely for his country. Upon returning home to Colorado Springs, he completed his bachelorsToday, under Amos leadership, Rocky Mountain Chimney Sweeps & degree in social sciences, later securing a position as a teacher andAir Ducts is growing. Amos has one employee and is looking to hire two then, as a school administrator. After serving as a commandant at amore to expand the business. But, he doesnt solely credit himself with its military school, Amos decided he was ready for the next chapter insuccess. Amos says, My wife is the brain of the business. Shes in charge life. He reflects, Marines was one challenge, teaching was another,of scheduling, customer service, social media marketing and logistics, onI m so grateful for what administration was anotherbut I really wanted to see top of being a stay-at-home mom. Their four children also contribute toAccion has done for me; I if I could be an entrepreneur. the business. They go with me when theres no school, theyre part of myAMOS VELASQUEZ found a great group of people crew, says Amos. I want to be an example for my kids, if you dont wantROCKY MOUNTAIN CHIMNEY SWEEPS & AIR DUCTS|COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADOEmbracing the challenge, Amos decided to purchase Rocky Mountainto go to college and pursue a trade instead, go for it, its about findingwith a willingness to take a Chimney Sweeps & Air Ducts from his sister and brother-in-law. In searchyour niche, and I want my kids to be able to do that. Amos has big plansrisk. I like risk takers.of financing for the purchase, Amos visited his local credit union and wasfor his family business in the future, hoping to one day launch HVAC, told he didnt have sufficient assets to qualify. Luckily, the credit unionmasonry and stucco companies. Amos says, I want to be able to do that referred him to Accion. Equipped with a business loan from Accion, so that I can help fund school programs, providing money back to Accion Amos was able to purchase the business in January of 2018.and ultimately, give back to my community.'